Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teacher Librarian Links 05/07/2012

  • Conducting Literature Circle with mobile devices such as the iPad, not only provides immediate access to a diverse selection of books, but also to reference materials, research tools, interactive maps, and a slew of creation and dynamic notebook apps. Within this single device, students can quickly check the meaning of a word, run a quick background check on a historic event, or articulate their understanding of text with a range of multimedia apps. Teachers can now easily differentiate the processes students can use to demonstrate understanding.

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  • As with any "artistic decision," there will be consequences, which is that not everyone has a superhuman memory and/or the time to reread Divergent before reading Insurgent. Early readers of Insurgent have understandably had some trouble recalling all the necessary information to really be situated in the world of Insurgent. In order to help with this horrible thing I have done to you, I wrote this GIANT post to remind you of all the characters in Divergent, how you know them, and what happened at the end of Divergent.

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  • The quotes we’ve put together in this post are not the most famous ones, but all of them have one outstanding merit: they are highly inspiring to rediscover the pleasure of reading (if you forgot how it tastes) or simply to feel the need to reach for a book – now.

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