Sunday, January 3, 2010

Google Chrome: good but not for me

For the last month, as part of my personal experiment to use only "cloud" based applications on a netbook, I made Google's Chrome my primary browser. There were both pros and cons that came with Chrome and I thought I would highlight both.
On the positive, Chrome was everything that it was billed to be. It was quick to load pages and apps. It was small and efficient and was very simple. There were not a multitude of toolbars, too many drop-down menus and there was nothing too extreme in the realm of add-ons.
On the flip side, this scaled down browser was a bit too scaled-down for my taste. While it worked great for all of the Google Apps, the loss of some of the interactivity that I found in Firefox was missed. Some of the ease of bookmarking, some of the add-ons that I have been accustomed to using were missed.
Keeping in mind, this is my end user opinion, based on my use in one particular situation, I would not say that Chrome is a bad browser, and in fact I would recommend it to those that are using their browsers to surf the internet, and do some basic applications. However, due to my intense internet use for almost everything I do on this computer, I don't think this was the browser for me. For my internet-heavy cloud computing, I think that I will still defer to Firefox to be my default browser.

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