Friday, November 4, 2011

Digital Citizenship 11/05/2011

  • Particularly noteworthy is the pathway to Don't Post!

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  • A subsidiary of Western Financial Group (WFG), the West Bank is a new internet banking, which opened January 30, 2003. WFG is the fourth largest insurance broker in Canada with over 65 branches across the west coast of the country. Thus, the main focus of the West Bank are financial services and insurance in the cities and small towns in Western Canada. West Bank raises deposit through a broker network, which includes the offices of related financial services. Because it does not have a network system cost, it is able to offer one of the highest interest rates on deposit products in the country. Its services also focus on conventional mortgages and insured, agricultural real estate and commercial properties that are ready in its markets. It also provides funding for equipment and personal installment loans for agricultural and commercial customers. West Bank headquarters in High River, Alberta, but it serves as a bank across Canada

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