Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ipadschools - home | Diigo

Ipadschools - home | Diigo

With the announcement of the iPad2, and the addition of cameras and projecting I am now considering how these revolutionary devices might be used in our school and what this might mean to our existing 1:1 program. As I begin to compile resources and a plan to begin evaluation of the devices I came across this wiki. With more and more educators moving to using the iPad and now iPad2 a clearing house sight like this can be beneficial for making sure all relevant content areas and some that we weren't sure of would be accessible with the devices.

The front page of the wikis states, "This wiki is intended to be a clearinghouse of applications, lessons poop and experiences using the iPad in the classroom. The intention is that all apps listed have been tested and recommended by teachers using them."

The essential part of this in my mind is that teachers are the ones who are testing and reviewing the apps. As teachers continue to populate this wiki and as apps for education become more prominent in the app store a comprehensive guide to choosing will be a primary tool in the iPad teachers arsenal.

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