Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teacher Librarian Links 06/16/2010

  • hese resources examine copyright law in the history of “borrowing” sounds in music, and raise provocative questions about what is creative and what is criminal. These lessons are directed toward grades 9 through 12, and college students for use in the following subject areas: media studies, media literacy, social studies, history, sociology, media production, music and language arts, business, and legal studies.

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  • 7 points of information literacy:
    * IL as context specific and context sensitive;
    * IL demanding a variety of behaviours: not just searching, but also encountering, browsing, monitoring, managing and creating;
    * People moving along complex paths to meet their information needs: moving between the virtual and physical worlds, and using different sources and spaces;
    * IL in digital environments;
    * IL with people sources;
    * People being information literate individually and collaboratively
    * People being aware they are information literate: you cannot be an information literate 21st Century citizen without being conscious of the need to develop these IL skills and attitudes, and continue to update your IL through your life!
    Excellent article.

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