Thursday, April 30, 2009

Micro Blogging with a Macro Client?

This week I experimented using both tweetdeck and twhirl for my twitter client. Tweetdeck is like a Large screen tv, with HD, surround sound and all the possible add-ons. This client is large both in physical size and in memory needs. On the other side of things there is twhirl, like a cooper mini, all the features, tiny size and slick.

Above: Tweetdeck Below: twhirl

When using the two, each had their good and bad points. Each has live updates, the ability to monitor direct messages and replies. Each has good setting controls and is easy to figure out and best of all; each are FREE! With all that said, what might ask me to pick one over the other.

Twitter is all about micro blogging and in that vein, I believe that the client I use should be just as "micro". I don't want a client that takes up so much space on my desktop, one that shows me only what I need to know and does not have so many bells and whistles to muck up the waters. By now, anyone reading this can figure out that I preferred twhirl to tweetdeck. Mind you, both functioned well, and did not lack features or consistency. However, microblogging should have a micro client. Like the mini cooper, twhirl has all of the power in a little shell. I encourage you to form your own opinions, but you know when you twitter me, I will be reading it on twhirl.


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Joe Corbett said...

Jason, My vote is for TweetDeck. I actually have a second monitor that is dedicated just to displaying TweetDeck whenever I am at my machine. Needless to say I am I very addicted to it. Anyway Thanks for signing up for the Thanks for signing up for the #NECC09 Tweet-Up!