Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stuff that should be shared

I have found out that the Google sharing site has been discontinued! While this is a minor setback in the grand scheme of things, it has forced me to mention the few things that I wanted to blog about sooner rather than later. The following entry are a few things that I have found on the net recently that I thought were helpful to any number of the folks that I work with.

Digital Storytelling Toolkit by the Llano Grande Center

This site is a very comprehensive guide to creating a digital story. It takes you through the entire process, with good explanation and resources. The one drawback is that your initial investigation of it will not be short. This is a THOROUGH website that leaves very little out. I recommend this to educators who are looking for a long term project that will allow students to discover, create and have a good looking final product.

Facebook Privacy

Videos Posted by ConnectSafely.org: How to use Facebook Privacy Settings
This is an easy to follow video about how to use and set facebook privacy settings. I highly recommend this video for teaching and learning about privacy settings. With the current backlash of the misuse of social networks, this video is an essential toolkit for teaching about privacy in the digital realm.

GREAT VIDEO: Digital Kids Expose

FRONTLINE: video sharing | PBS
Eye opening documentary about our digital immigrants.

Your Digital Dossier - Teach42

This powerful video shows to what extent our information is out there and always will be! The way that students are so quick to post, and feel anonymous proves that there is always something out there. I plan on using this will all of the middle school students that I teach.

Digital Portfolios for students

This site is one of many companies that encourages and facilitates the use of digital portfolios for student use.

Richer Picture® - A digital portfolio of student achievement
Digital portfolios are the way to assess student learning and progress without the horror of standardized tests.

Digital Footprints

8 Tools to Track Your Footprints on the Web - ReadWriteWeb
With more and more liberal attitudes with people on the Web, these tools are helpful to see how deep your digital footprint is and who might be tracking those prints.

Great Teaching Book

21st Century Technology Tools Revised by Liz Davis (Book) in Education & Language
This easy to follow How-to guide should be a must read for every teacher! Great screen shots and easy to follow instructions make it easy to set up an account and get started in some of the most necessary applications for teachers and students. The missing part is how to implement them in a classroom setting! This is a great free download so you don't have to recreate the wheel.

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